517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team


Meet the Troopers of the 517th

John A. "Boom Boom" Alicki Regimental HQ; Demo Platoon
Fred E. Allen Service Company
Eric E. Anderson   D Company

Leo Balestrini

460 - A Battery

Ben Barrett

H Company

David R. Barry

Service Company

William J. Boyle

HQ Co - 1st Bn

Kingdon Brady


Russell M. Brami

E Company

Gene Brissey

E Company

Raymond Bunce

F Company

Flave Joseph Carpenter Sr.

I Company

John Casselman (KIA)

F Company

Randolph Coleman

F Company

Frank Dallas

I Company

Jesse Darden

460 - HQ Co.

Don Carlos Davis

B Company

Albin P. Dearing Regimental HQ
Gabriel Delesio 460 - C Battery
George W. Dunaway H Company
Jesse Ellington A Company
Earnest Gilbert F Company
Allan R. Goodman, Sr. 596th PCEC.
Robert R. Gruwell
G Company
Bob Hart D Company
Howard E. Hensleigh HQ Co - 3rd Bn.
Ray R. Hess F Company
Ludwick H. "Lucky" Hiers 460 - HQ Co.
Hal Higginbotham E Company
William B. Houston  Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4 (large files: ~20MB each)

460 - C Battery

Lee Johnson

Service Company

Hoyt F. Kelley

HQ Co - 1st Bn.

Robert W. Kennedy

F Company

Milton "Chopper" Kienlen

A Company

Henry Kope, Jr. F Company
Aim Leocard French Freedom Fighter
William John "Bill" Lewis F Company
Gordon Lippman HQ Co - 1st Bn.
Andrew P. Lubic H Company
Anthony Mandio HQ/1 and A Company
Merle McMorrow 460 - C Battery
Marvin D. Moles I Company
James E. Mortensen 460 - HQ Co.
William R. Myers E Company
James J. Pacey F Company
John M. Pastalenic H Company
Floyd R. Perry HQ Co. - 2nd Bn.
Norman L. Ross, Jr. I Company
Milton D. Rogers 460 - Battery C
Howard W. Ruppel  Part 1, Part 2 (pdf format) F Company
Richard J. "Dick" Seitz (Wikipedia) HQ Co. - 2nd Bn.
Erwin W. Scott, Jr. D Company
Dick Spencer HQ Co - 3rd Bn.
Floyd A. Stott I Company
Michael A. Sura H Company
David P. Taylor HQ Co - 3rd Bn.
Myrle Traver F Company
Mel Trenary A Company
Richard J. Trotter, Jr. 460 - B Battery
Leo Turco 460 - A Battery
James G. Turner  
Ignacio (Nacho) Vasquez HQ Co - 3rd Bn.
Carl E. Votti B Company
William T. Webb HQ Co - 3rd Bn.
Chester A. Wells (draft in progress) 2nd Platoon, H Company
Harvey E. Whitehead F Company
John C. Williams HQ Co - 3rd Bn.
John M. Wilson, MD  
Robert P. Woodhull 460 - HQ Co.

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We are starting a new section of the website here, where we will present biographies of the troopers, as submitted by themselves or their family members.

Troopers and their families are asked to submit their stories, sending material to webmaster@517prct.org

Material submitted is completely up to the soldier, or to their family and relatives.  Take a look at the biographies already submitted -- Jesse Darden's bio is a great example -- but feel free to be as creative as you like.  It's your story.  This information can be as long or as short as you like.  We would like to see any or all of the following items:


(See also "Soldier's Stories"  for troopers recently in the news)