517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team

517th Photos

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200 pictures of 1st Lt. George Roseberry and friends of the 517 Service Company in Italy, France, and Germany

Submitted by Janice and Warren Roseberry, and Carol and Lanny Dreesen

D Battery, 460th PFAB in Italy 1944

From First Airborne Task Force (Facebook)

A Battery, 460th PFAB at Camp MacKall 1944

From David Sturzenegger

Service Company at Camp Toccoa 1944

From Elaine Berger

Photos of Battery C, 460th PFAB, from Cameron Gauthier

From Christine Mace

I Company at Camp MacKall

From Kenton Immerall

Warren Caulfield and F Company (60 photos)

From Shelly Caulfield Azeff

George L. Ross and F Company. 200 photos.

From Jesse Rossi

HQ Company, 2nd Battalion at Camp Toccoa

From Kelly Coghan Holderbaum

Sgt. Robert J. Miller, I Company (KIA)

From Michael Culhane

B Company at La Colle Sur Loup

November 1944

Julie and Mike Black in Sospel

Sospel 1944 and 2013

from Julie Black

Battery D, 460th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, September 1943 at Camp MacKall

from Jim Miller

B Company - Veteran's Day 1944 in Nice

Ray Hess and F Company.  60 photos. 

From Ray Hess

PVT Joseph Locke of Van Nuys, California as he kneels next to a sled full of gear near Henumont, Belgium during the final stages of the Battle of the Bulge. Locke belonged to Company B, 1st Battalion 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division. At the time, the 1-517th had been attached to the remains of the 106th Infantry Division. The photo was taken on January 16, 1945. 

A column of American paratroopers from the 17th Airborne Division's 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment. These men were attached to elements of the 7th Armored Division during the drive on St. Vith, Belgium during the final stages of the Battle of the Bulge. January 20, 1945.  The photo was taken just outside Iveldingen, Belgium. 

John "Jack" Moon, H Company and 596th PCEC

from Geoffrey Harding

Earl E. Boone, F Company

Charles F. Masterson, B Company

Lt. Warren Caulfield, F Company with the 101st Antitank Battalion

from Shelly Caulfield Azeff

Fred Liggett, A Company

from Fred B. Liggett

James F. McFadden

from John Doherty

Robert V. "Bob" Dahlstrom, Regimental HQ

from Tim Dahlstrom

Tony D'Addio, D Battery, 460th PFAB in Logbierme, Belgium

Cpl. Danny Fisher, HQ/1 (KIA)

Papers from Odas Sweet

from Rick Sweet

242 photos of George A Sullivan and A Company

from Roger Sullivan

A Company at Camp Toccoa 1943

from Roger Sullivan

F Company in So. France 1944

T/Sgt Fred Marron, B Battery, 460th PFAB

from Fred Marron, Jr.

Charles William "Bill" Young, C Company

from Joseph P. Hogan 

2nd Battalion - Communications, Mortar and Machine Gunnery

from Chris Lindner and Darrell Egner

Pvt. Lloyd R. Johansen, F Company  (KIA)

from William Lee

T/Sgt. Milton J. Hanson, 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment 

from Mark Hanson

James W. Benson, 596th Parachute Combat Engineer Company 

from the Benson family

Lt. Thomas Fred Patin Gets Silver Star (Reg. HQ) - 3 Aug 1945 article from Louisiana Messenger newspaper 

from Tony Patin

Jesse Ellington, A Company

from Jesse Ellington (Jr.)

Don Fraser's CP near Col de Braus then and now

from Gilles G.

Officers of the 2nd Battalion at Camp Toccoa, 1943

from Wayne Cross

Arlton Bearden, Demolition Platoon, I Company  (KIA)

from Johnny Ingram

John Bradovich, Demolition Platoon, HQ Company

from Lea Bradovich

Gary L. Davis, F Company

from J. Mickael Soldi and Eric Renoux

Kenneth Goodbrake, Regimental HQ, Demo Platoon

from John Goodbrake

Gen. Frederick with Colonel Graves in Southern France

found by Gilles G.

517th heading to the Ardennes

from Life magazine, 1945

St. Cezaire and Les Arcs today 2009

from Gilles G.

A Company, Operation Dragoon, August 1944
Pvt. Harry A. Hill, B Company - 200 photos and clippings

from Andy Hill

Pvt. Richard L. Lynam, H Company, KIA

from Dan Robins

Photo from St. Cezaire, August 1944

from Gilles G.

Photos from Operation Dragoon
517th basketball team 1946

from Rick Sweet

Marie-Pauline Rostagni

from Gilles G.

Norman L. Ross, I Company

from Scott Ross

Electricity for Beginners

Joigny, France, June 22, 1945

Sospel 1944 and 2008

from Patricia and Roland Orengo

Pvt. Richard Whidden, D Company

from Marc Whidden and Frederic Brega

Col de Braus battle - 64th anniversary

from Nicolas Arnulf

Sospel, France - then and now

from Patricia and Roland Orengo

3rd Annual 517th Commemorative March, August 2008

received from Gilles G.

Southern France Visit, August 2008, with Ignatius Bail, 460th PFAB

received from Gilles G.

Dick Seitz' Wartime Newspaper Clippings

received from Pat and Alan Seitz

Dick Seitz' Wartime Romance Photos

received from Pat and Alan Seitz

Photos and stories from Howard Hensleigh

received from Jean-Loup Gassend

Lester Gene Hyman and friends, 596th PCEC

received from Jeff Hyman

Lots of pictures of the 596th, most unidentified soldiers

received from Steve Markle

Toivo Moisio (?), Company D

Joigny, France - June 6, 1945

from Mike Kane

George W. Cavnar, Regimental HQ

from Jerry Wofford

Howard B. Goodman, Service Company

from Sheila Goodman Shultz

58 photos of D and H Company men

from Jay Sutcliffe

John S. Penn, I Company (KIA)

from David Denney

H Company at Camp Toccoa, GA

from Mike Wells

Commemoration ceremonies in Logbiermé, Belgium - 2007

from Arnold Targnion

Sgt. Robert J. Miller (KIA), I Company

from Tony Ventura

Matthew J. Skovera, HQ Co., 3rd Battalion

from Matt Skovera, Jr.

PFC Anthony S. Celli, I Company (KIA)
Sgt. John Raul Flores, B Company
A few more from Robert Magnuson, G and H Company

from Elaine Berger

Passenger list from the Madawaska Victory ship, August, 1945
More from Robert Magnuson, H Company

from Elaine Berger

More from Chester A. Wells, H Company

from Elaine Berger

Chester A. Wells, H Company

from Rhonda Wells

1st Lt. Floyd A. Stott, I Company (KIA Manhay)

from Kenton Immerfall

Robert Magnuson and friends, H Company

from Elaine Berger

596th Parachute Combat Engineering Company portraits

from Steve Markle

Colonel Bill Boyle in Southern France

from Gilles G.

517th Regimental S-2 Section in France 1944

from Louis Holzworth via Boom Boom Alicki

Zoot Snyder, A Company

from Gilles G.

Boom Boom Alicki 1943

from Gilles G.

150 photos of Don Saunders and friends from 596 PCEC

from Don Saunders and Steve Markle

300 photos of S/Sgt. John Harte and B Battery, 460th PFAB

from Don Harte

Pvt. John S. Hopkins

from Kelly (Coghan) Holderbaum

517th in camouflage preparing for the drop in Southern France, August 1944
Jesse Darden and 460th PFAB in Southern France, 1944
Shiroku "Whitey" Yamamoto of the 442nd RCT Anti-Tank Company
  with the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 1944

Shiroku "Whitey" Yamamoto's Story
from The Hawai'i Nisei Story - Americans of Japanese Ancestry During WWII
G Company at Camp Mackall NC

from Howard Hensleigh

Chester A. Wells, H Company

from Rhonda Wells and Michael S.J. Wells

Orville Stubbs, E Company

from Lori Richter

Jack Dickson and A Company, Part 2

from Bob Dickson

Odas Sweet, H Company, Part 2

from Rick Sweet

T/5 Laurence Behringer, 411th Airborne Quartermaster Company, 17th Airborne, Armorer 511

from Shawn Smith

Frank Barringer, C Company.

from Shawn Smith

Ernest Morrison and Bill Lewis somewhere in France

from Darrell Egner

Jesse O. Goswick, G Company KIA

from Bill Goswick

More papers from Ray Wilson, Battery A, 460th PFAB

found on eBay

517 Parachute Infantry Headquarters sign

Location and date unknown?

Soy, Belgium 1944

original photo is on eBay

596th Parachute Combat Engineering Company

from Steve Markle

Odas Sweet and friends, H Company

from Rick Sweet

Sgt. Donald Chaulk and friends, HQ Co. 3rd Battalion

from Doug Chaulk

HQ Company, 3rd Battalion

from Doug Chaulk

Jim Moses and the 596th PCEC

from Mickey Moses via Steve Markle

1944 MR C-47 Skytrains With Paratroopers in France
C Company, 1st Platoon, Squad 2 in Sospel

from Clint Miller

Gene Markle photos of the 596th PCEC

from Steve Markle

Gene Markle, 596th PCEC

from Steve Markle

Photo of Bergstein, Germany, February 10, 1945
Over 200 WWII photos of Capt. Joe Broudy and A Company

from Bruce Broudy

John F. Copsey, I Company.

from Tom Copsey

Ira Crytzer, I Company.

from Fritz Crytzer

James B. Whitehead, I Company.
Robert A. Harp, HQ Co. 2nd Bn.

KIA January 1945

Additional documents from David Jordan

Tennessee maneuvers - photos by Bud Curtis, HQ/1

from Lory Curtis

Capt. James P. Birder, I Co

from Terry Casey

More from Herbert Downs and friends, H Co.

from Yvonne Rose

More photos of Don Sliker and E Company at Camp Toccoa

from Donald Sliker

Photos and clippings of Pvt. Elmer J. Anderson, Reg. HQ

from John Carrigan

Paratrooper Training - Fort Benning 1943  

from Frank Ramos

more of George R. Monkhouse, H Company  

from Cecil Doty via Carol Monkhouse Nash

George R. Monkhouse's last jump, H Company  

from Carol Monkhouse Nash

2nd Battalion

from Ray Hess

F Company at Camp Toccoa 1943  

from Ray Hess

Jim Lathers and friends, C Company  

from Jim Lathers

HQ Co., 3rd Battalion officers

from Joe Calder

Nello Arterburn and platoon buddies from G Company

from Michael Arterburn

Capt. James Birder, I Company

From Pat and Terry Casey

1st Sgt. Dallas Long, G Company  

via Michael Arterburn

(William) Herbert Ford, H Company  

via Morris McDowell

Herbert Jeff and 460th

from Gail Jeff Douglas

More from Herbert Downs, H Co. in Berlin

from Yvonne Rose

PFC John M. Mounce, F Company

from Bruce Fischer

Photos of Sospel area

from Patricia and Roland Orengo

PFC Herbert Downs, H Company

from Yvonne Rose

E Company at Toccoa - 1943  

from Lee Lacey

C.B. Jones and E Company at Toccoa - Part 2

from Lee Lacey

C.B. Jones and E Company at Toccoa - Part 1  

from Lee Lacey

Don Sliker and E Co. 

from Donald Sliker

T/5 Eugene R. Beck, 460th PFAB

from Jim Burns

Photos of Nice - Then and Now

from Alain Fine

H Company photos

from Ed Athey and Morris McDowell

Patrick L. Michaels, 596th Engineer Company 

from Jolene Michaels Devaney

Sam Mortaro and Marvin Moles, I Company 

from Diane Lynch

More friends of James Sutcliffe 

from Jay Sutcliffe

James Sutcliffe and friends, H Company  

from Jay Sutcliffe

Harry E. Riddle and friends, F Company

from Kevin Riddle

Photo of Soissons
PFC John B. (Jack) Dickson, A Company
Jesse A. Darden and friends, 460th PFAB
PFC Louis Ferraiolo, B Company

from Lisa Ferraiolo

Richard Huggler and H Company friends fishing

from Morris McDowell and Fred Harmon

60th Anniversary ceremony of the Battle of the Ardennes in Belgium

from Alain Fine

Photos of PFC William J. Eckart Jr.

from Al Eckart

Photos of S Sgt. Wayne S. Jackson and friends, Company C

from Darrell Hickman

PFC Fred Davalos: Parachutist Kept Fighting After Losing Eye in Battle   PDF version

from "The Golden Age for Mexican Americans", a Latino archive from the University of Texas

HQ Company 1st Battalion

From Cotton Nelson

Don Sliker and Glen Patterson, E Co. 517th RCT 

from Don E. Sliker

Ed Easterly HQ Co, 1st Battalion

from Lory Curtis

PFC Gerald Nelson HQ Co, 1st Battalion

from T. Cotton Nelson

Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion at Camp Toccoa

from T. Cotton Nelson

Ian Cowan, B Co. in Southern France
Photos and articles from Frank Streed, Reg HQ
Ed Henzl, HQ Co, 1st Battalion and friends

from Karen Henzl Reece

Photos of Le Muy 60th D-Day Ceremony from Lory Curtis

Allan Johnson's Trip Report

More Le Muy 60th photos from Michel Quiles (part 1) (part 2)

Joseph J. Richardson, 460th PFAB, Battery D

from Joeseph Richardson Jr.

Pvt. Layton Pippin, H Co. (KIA, Bergeval, Jan 5, 1945)

from Morris McDowell

Sgt. Fred Harmon, H Co.

from Morris McDowell

Pictures of Monte Peloso, Italy as it looks today

from Niccolò Tognarini

517th RCT Reunion, November 1948, Honshu Japan

from Bill Pencak and Ton Reber

Robert A. Harp, HQ Co. 2nd Bn. in Italy

from David Jordan

Photos of Normandy 60th D-Day Ceremony
Harland “Bud” Curtis, HQ, 1st Bn, and Dr. Walter Goforth

from Lory Curtis

Photos of the 60th Anniversary Commemoration of the Battle of the Ardennes in Manhay

from Eddy Montfort

Sweet Pea Renton (G Co.) and John J. Lissner (F Co.) in Nice
F Company photos from Sgt. Randolph Coleman
The 1st Battalion mascot
Lots more photos of D Company and PFC Edward Smith

from Shirley Catterson

The Crater, outside Rome, August 1944.  Hq Co., 2nd Battalion
Photos of Parachute jumps, and Buck Miller and friends in Italy
Photos of Lloyd Polk (D Co.) and friends in Sospel, Camp Mackall, Hill 1098
Cross, Waldorf, Cato, Boyle at Fort Campbell KY 1950
Photos of the 517th Memorial in Logbireme, Belgium

Memorial to Caraciolo, Ford, and Bruglio of Company C

More photos of Manhay 1944

from Eddy Montfort

To the Bulge

Photos traveling north in 1944.

Jesus Y. "Beaver" Carrillo, H Co.

from Michael Carrillo

Darrell Egner and friends - Hq Co. 2nd Bn. in France

from Darrell and Chris Lindner

One more photo of Mike Kane, D Co.

Where was this taken?

Photos from George Spears, F Co.
Photos from Gen. Dick Seitz, Hq Co, 2nd Bn.

Joigny 1979, Medal of Valor for Seitz and Boyle 1984,
460th Memorial dedication 1972

More photos from Camp Toccoa 2003

from Lory Curtis

Sgt. Howard E. Miller, Company G, 1947

Photos of Darrell Egner and Camp Toccoa 2003

from Chris Lindner

More boxing training of Sgt. Gerald Stark (C Co.) and friends
517th Championship Boxing Champs Train for Tourney, Fort Bragg 1945

Includes Al Sperry, Rudy Cervantes (Who sent this?)

Photos of Sospel,Col de Braus, and the Hotel du Golf today

from Patricia Pavia and Roland Orengo

Tom McAvoy and RHQ friends at Camp Toccoa, 1943
Arterburn wedding, Camp MacCall, Dec 3, 1943

(Nello Arterburn G Co.)

Photo of Burton Stadler and HQ Co./2nd Battalion

From Brett Stadler

PFC Corbin Zickefoose HQ Company, 1st Battalion

from Larry Zickefoose

Leon Bosse (D Co.) and unknown sergeant

from Jon Bosse

Rudolph (Rudy) Cervantes and friends
Cecil Doty (H Co.) and friends
Photos from Fred Beyer (I Company)
Article in the Hesston (Kansas) Record newspaper from Feb 8 1996,
describing Cecil Doty's experiences with the 517th H Company.
More great photos of Russ Brami and E Company, including Heurtgen Forest and Ft. Bragg jump just prior to Europe.

from Russ Brami Jr.

A photo taken in Joigny France, of E CompanyThe men in the company are all of those who entered E Company in Toccoa in and were in the company at the close of the fighting in Europe. Also included is a sketch of a 17th Airborne paratrooper.

from Russ Brami Jr.

40 pages with nearly 200 photos, of Mike Kane and D Company
from Mike Kane, Jr.

June 2003:  Many photos identified at the June 2003 reunion

Manhay 1944

Photos from Eddy Montfort

PFC Elam J. Cronquist and D Company

from Shanna Cronquist

460th, B Battery at Camp MacKall and Fort Bragg 1943

from Don Harte

PFC Thomas D. Anderson, HQ Co./3rd Battalion

from Nila Gott

PFC William H. Faltysek, Rg HQ Co.

from Rae B. Faltysek

Pvt. William F. "Chuck" Thorng, D Co.
KIA Sept. 44

from Linda Schlarb

Corrected photo of Hill 400, Bergstein, Germany

From the website: "The Battle of the Huertgen Forest  W.W. II" at http://home.pi.be/~cv920172/indexenglish.htm

Pvt. H.L. "Bud Curtis, HQ Company, 1st Battalion
taken August 14, 1944

from Lory Curtis

Joe Stringfellow, 460th D Battery

from Herbert Jeff

Gene Frice and Indian Joe Pierce, F Co. at
Cafe Monnet, Nice Sept 1944
Tony Esparza recently passed away. His daughter Lorraine sent us these photos of
Company I at Fort Benning and Rome

Can you identify the soldiers?

Photo and stories from Burton Stadler, HQ Co./2nd Battalion

From Brett Stadler -- [Looking for more info, please]

Photo of Robert Kennedy, F Co.

From Tom McAvoy

Photo of Col. Rupert D. Graves, Regimental Commander
Photos of Walter "Jack" Graham, HQ Co. 1st Battalion

From Bill Graham

Part of the March 1944 Thunderbolt, including a mesage from Col. Walsh

From Boom Boom Alicki

Photos of Karl A. Steinfurth, 460th Artillery, Battery C

From Nancy Steinfurth

Photos of Col. Louis A. Walsh, First Regimental Commander of the 517th

from Gail (Walsh) Tayler and Trooper Louis A. Walsh III

517th Plaque at the Airborne Walk at Fort Benning, April 2002
Jim Mortensen, 460th PFAB - HQ Battalion
Bergeval, October 1999, with Bill Bolin and Guy Welborn

from Eddy Lamberty

Jesse A Darden and Layton Maybrey
460th Field Artillery

from Lou Darden

Photo of Castle Nideggen (not Hill 400), Bergstein, taken May 2001

from the website: "The Battle for the Huertgen Forest", Combat Stories of WWII, by Ernest A. Herr

Entire 3rd Battalion at Camp Mackall

from Cecil Doty

D Company at Camp Toccoa

from Brenda Coiner and Bill Chaney

H Company at Camp Mackall

from Cecil Doty

Sgt. Cecil H. Doty and 3rd Battalion and H Company
Pfc. Harvey J. Usery, H Company

Looking for info

The SS Santa Rosa
Photos and newsclipping from Jim Benton, D Company
Photos from Rocky Coiner, D Company
38 pages with over 150 photos, from Donald G. Barry, G Company

from Chris Anslinger

Many photos of John A Stonis H Company and friends

from Juliana Stonis

Photos of 1st Lt Andy Jorgen, E Company

from Virginia Jorgen

An account and map of "the Mercedes Incident"

from Clark Archer

Sgt. Nello R. Arterburn, 517th, 3rd Bat., Co. G.

Sent in by Mike Arterburn

517th Memorial Service - December 3rd, 1944

Sent in by Mike Arterburn
son of Sgt. Nello R. Arterburn, 517th, 3rd Bat., Co. G.

Several 1944-45 photos, news clippings and stories of Robert L. Crawford (A Co.)

sent in by Ted Crawford

Several 1944 and reunion photos from John Alicki, Regimental Hq, Demo Platoon
Tribute memorial from the 442nd Anti-Tank group to the 517

sent in by Al Goodman

Rome 1944

sent in by Al Goodman - 596th

Pvt. Edward E. Meise (C Co.)

sent in by Ken Meise

Photos of Wallace V. Wheat (E Co.) and friends

Sent in by Debra Wheat Baudoin

More photos and clippings sent in from Bob West, 2nd Battalion, Hq Co.
via Chris Lindner (Dec 2001)
Includes a group photo of the entire 2BN Hq. Co. at Camp Toccoa.
More photos of Pvt. Jim Varner and Company F

submitted by his son, Mike Varner

C Company photo at Camp Toccoa

sent in by Clint Miller

E Company on the hill above Sospel

Sent in by Dick Hammel

Some photos and clippings sent in from Bob West, 2nd Battalion, Hq Co.
Bud Wyatt, Nate Rubenstein, Jess Pipken

Includes "White Parachutes" poem:
"...God Bless my lad and all the lads of the Airborne 517."

Nate Rubenstein, Dick Seitz, Mars, Ginn, Backus and others of the Hq Co, 2nd Battalion

from First Airborne Task Force by Michel De Trez

Ed Winship and Dan Chapin, H Company, taken during the Bulge

from "L'Offensive Des Ardennes" by Eddy Monfort

More photos of Sgt. Buck Miller and Company C
Submitted by his son, Clint Miller

Including a photo of the entire Company C and
the 17th Airborne Divisional football champs from Company C

Pvt. Jim Varner and Pvt. Jack J. Milojevich, Company F

submitted by Jim's son, Mike Varner

Staff Sgt. Joe Cornett and friends from "I" Company
Joe Cornett and Frank Dallas, "I" Co. in Aachen Germany.
Also, "The Liberators" -- Can you help identify this photo?

-- from Bill Cornett

Pictures from Southern France: Gene Frice on the left And Lt. Harry Riddle on the right

-- from Ray Hess

Here it is! The 517 mascot at Camp Toccoa.
Photo of Pvt. Jesse K. Davis and buddy in Nice, France

Pictures of Sgt. John G. (Buck) Miller, Company C
Submitted by his son, Clint Miller

Including a photo playing football for the Co C team, and on the cover of the Atlanta Journal Magazine

Sgt. Leon Bosse, Company D

-- Sent in by Jon Bosse

"Lt. White and myself in a street cafe in Southern France", Sept. 29, 1944

Photo of Lt. Robt. J Reber, HQ Co. 3rd and a Lt. White (possibly Lt. Harold L. White, HQ Co. 2nd.) -- Sent in by Tom Reber

Here are several great pictures of 1st Lt. George Roseberry and friends of the 517 Service Company, somewhere in France. Submitted by his son, Warren Roseberry.
Bill Morris has set up a web page dedicated to his father, Bob Morris, who fought with the 517th PRCT, E Company, from Italy to Germany.  The site includes some pictures and momentos.
From Robert Del Carlo: Here's a 1946 color photo of my Dad, PFC Lenard A. Del Carlo, and his four brothers in their uniforms (2 Army, 3 Navy).
V-Mail from Lenard Del Carlo: "Dear Mom: Effective immediately [...] do not send any more mail to me [...] for military reasons." August 2, 1946 (Sent a few weeks before he arrived home.) -- submitted by Robert S. Del Carlo
From Matt Myers: Here are some photos of my grandfather, Jul Talarico, Platoon Sergeant for 517, 1st Battalion, HQ company, MG platoon.
2nd Platoon, F Company

Sent in by Ray Hess

Lt. George Giuchici

Sent in by Ray Hess

Camp Toccoa 1942

from the 506th IR web site

A Happy Landing - from New York Daily News, August 23, 1945

Vast German Mine Field Found by Airborne Units - from the Stars and Stripes, March 26, 1945.

Sent in by Clark Archer.

Manhay, Christmas 1944

Notice the Town Hall at the top, just right of center.

Manhay Now - In front of the same Manhay Town Hall at a recent reunion (1995?). Standing in front are Lud Gibbons and Ben Barrett (H Co.)
Ben Barrett at the Malmedy Massacre memorial (1995).
For a summary of the Malmedy Massacre, go
here to the "History Place" web site.