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517th Annual Florida Mini-Reunion January 17,18,19, 20, 2009

Banquet on the 20th (Tuesday) and Departing on the 21st (Wednesday)

Hosted by: Leila Webb, Location: Ramada Hotel & Inn Gateway

7470 Highway 192 West

Kissimmee, Florida  34747

Tele: 1(800)327-9170          FAX 1(407)396-4320

Contact: Leila Webb, Helen Beddow and Lou Darden

4155 Kissimmee Park Road

St. Cloud, Florida       34772


Room Rate - $65.00            Registration Fee - $40.00

Palm Springs, CA

West Coast Party

April 20-24, 2009


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Sospel 1944 and 2008

Pvt. Richard Whidden, D Company

Col de Braus battle - 64th anniversary

Sospel 1943 and now

3rd Annual 517th Commemorative March, August 2008

Visit to Southern France 2008 with Ignatius Bail, 460th PFAB

Bob Barrett

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Sylvergunsuperman has made a comment on 517th PRCT History - Part 1:

thank you for posting.. my grandfather Gareth "Gary" Davis was a proud member of the 517th..he passed away on Monday 10/27/08..and will be greatly missed.. i believe he was at this reunion.. thanks again for posting.

Gary Davis

This is the speech by General Dick Seitz at the Savannah Reunion. We have it on the web site where it will be forever. There is no script for this speech. The General spoke from the heart.-Ben

Jean Loup

Dear Ben

I believe Anne Valliere may have been talking about me. I am witting an oral history book about the war in southern France. I can be contacted at


Steve Markle

have just completed the upload of the July 1982 roster and supplemental edition of Wings (596 publication by Dr. Charles Pugh).

A load of information. Unfortunately Many are no longer with us.-Ben

Article and index for all issues;

November 3, 1948

 November 3, 1948

Arguably the most famous headline in the newspaper's 150-year history, DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN is every publisher's nightmare on every election night. Like most newspapers, the Tribune, which had dismissed him on its editorial page as a "nincompoop," was lulled into a false sense of security by polls that repeatedly predicted a Dewey victory. Critically important, though, was a printers' strike, which forced the paper to go to press hours before it normally would.As the first-edition deadline approached, managing editor J. Loy "Pat" Maloney had to make the headline call, although many East Coast tallies were not yet in. Maloney banked on the track record of Arthur Sears Henning, the paper's longtime Washington correspondent. Henning said Dewey. Henning was rarely wrong. Besides, Life magazine had just carried a big photo of Dewey with the caption "The next President of the United States."