517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team

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Note: This page is not supported or maintained by the 517 Parachute Regimental Combat Team Association. It is only our unofficial tribute. While the officers of the 517PRCT Association are aware of this site and, hopefully, appreciate the tribute to the group, please bear in mind that they are not responsible for its contents. Also, if you have any official business requests, you must contact them directly, not through this site. See: 517PRCT Association info.

We don't expect this information to replace the group's normal communications, such as The Thunderbolt, but just wanted to have a place to put some information and items of interest, where everyone with a web connection could find them. This site is for 517th veterans, friends, and relatives, including our good friends throughout Europe. We hope this site can provide some regularly updated information, pictures, and stories to share with you.

Some of the information on this site includes links to other sites. If it is already out there, we only included a direct link to those sites. In other cases, we have included photos and stories sent directly to us.

If you have any corrections, or have found anything we've missed, please let us know. Mostly, we would just like to see your stories and pictures. The easiest method is to use the Guestbook to submit your own comments and stories. If you have any photos, news clippings, letters, or anything that could be posted to the photos or reunion pages, see if you can find someone who can scan them in for you, and e-mail them to us at webmaster@517prct.org. If you cannot scan them, contact us and we'll find a way.

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