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The CAJT is a new commemorative jump team dedicated to honoring the men who jumped into U.S. Airborne history during World War II.

517th Reunion Jump 2007

517th Airborne Reunion 2008


Le 60ième


60th Anniversary Commemoration in Manhay, June 2 2004


Dear Friends of the 517th,


On June 2nd, 2004, we had in Manhay, the big happiness to receive a group of 300 - 350 people from America, all of them are from Paratroopers units or from their family (The Static Line Group). About 75 veterans of WWII were present with three men of the 517th. (Ludlow Gibbons, Daniel F. Smith and Gene M. Frice).    For this visit in Manhay, we have the project to start the celebrations of the 60th Anniversary and we does a ceremony across the town with a small exposition etc…  So' one think was missing in Manhay.   Now, it's rectify and I have the big pleasure to inform that a votive tablet was inaugurated, in homage to the soldiers of the 3rd Battalion of the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment that liberated the village during the night of December 26th, 27th, 1944.  This monument was a big surprise for the men of the 517th present in the group and particularly Mr. Ludlow Gibbons that was in Manhay on December 1944.

We will have again some celebrations in Manhay during this 60th Anniversary, and particularly on December 18th.  You are all the welcome !

I'm including some photos of this ceremony.

Good Bless all men of the 517th !



A friend from Manhay,



P.S. : You can see some other photos of the ceremony on the website of the municipality of Manhay.

The WWII Airborne Demonstration Team provided the honor guard at the June 2003 517th Reunion in Oklahoma City. 

"Dan" of the WWII ADT also drew the great 517th Commemorative drawing:

The Drop Zone Virtual Museum is a web site with many stories from WWII veterans, including many from the 517th. As it gets updated frequently, you'll have to look around to find the latest stories. Be sure to checkout: Currahee Mountain, Southern France (with 517th photo), Dragoon, Les Arcs, The Mercedes Incident, The Capture of Hunnange, Go For Broke, A Night Near Bergeval, and Dark Front. Also look for the audio clips about the Hurtgen Forest from Lud Gibbons!

C.R.I.B.A. is the Center of Research and Information on the Battle of the Bulge, from Belgium, and is a good reference for Battle of the Bulge stories and info.

At the CRIBA site, see: Carrefour du 1.517th Parachute Infantry Regiment

The CRIBA site now contains a link back to this 517th site! See here.

Includes an list of Monuments in the Ardennes, updated with new memorials added at the 60th anniversary

Comite D'Accueil Des U.S. Airborne

U.S. Airborne Reception Committee

Trois Ponts, Belgium

Musee de la Liberation - Provence -- Operation Dragoon museum, from Office du Tourisme du Muy.

Le Muy 57th anniversary - August 2001

New Year's Day 2004

Thanks to J. Mickael Soldi and Eric Renoux.

Due to the "private Ryan/Band of brothers/Spielberg" phenomenon, it looks like there is a great interest for the 517th among young historians/reenactors/collectors in Southern France. Im in touch with these guys in Southern France and since I'm more a historian than a collector/reenactor, they asked me to supply them with ww2 photos of the 517th so they could "get it right" on the uniform and equipment part...

So I had the idea of putting up a small tribute website to the 517th which consists of a compilation of various photos from different sources, memorabilia, and reenactment pictures. Of course, a lot of pics come from you website and from the Bruce Broudy collection. Also a few from ebay and private collections. I also added a few pics from our reenactments and there will be much more to come.

Gilles Guignard (Switzerland)

Soldiers on patrol is a WW2 Living History Group in the UK called A.I.M (Airborne, Infantry & Marines)

440th Troop Carrier Group 440th Troop Carrier Group website

See the photo of the Stoy Hoya transport just before Operation Dragoon.

World War II Paratrooper Webbase  (Holland) by Ronald Stassen and friends
The Battle of the Bulge in the Salm River Valley The Battle of the Bulge in the Salm River valley
From Eddy Lamberty, Belgium

See: The Liberation of Bergeval by Bill Bolin, Co C, 517th PRCT

"Freedom Is Not Free" Allied WWII Casualties in The Netherlands Remembered

See the page for Capt. Robert P. Woodhull, 460th PFAB

Tribute site from Stevin Oudshoorn, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  The Lost Battalion of the 36th Infantry Division (Texas)

with photo of a monument to WWII supporting troops, including members of the 517th and the 442nd.

  Monuments in the Ardennes - Includes six different monuments with tributes to the 517th. From Dave Depickere's World War II Analyzed web site.

Bibliography of books and references regarding the 517th from the U.S.Army Military History Institute

Camp Toccoa and Fort Benning photos from the 506th IR web site:
Mt. Currahee
Camp Toccoa 1942 
Camp Toccoa Training 1942 
Camp Toccoa Airborne Memorial (includes 517th on the memorial)
Fort Benning Training 1944
US Airborne in WWII - a site containing information about the 82nd Airborne and the various divisions and units attached, including the  13th Airborne history

with 517th pages:  517th pictures, 517th history

The Story of the 106th Infantry Division The Story of the 106th Infantry Division, excerpt from Major General Donald A. Stroh, mentioning the attached 517th in January-March 1945

The History of the 187th Medical Battalion

During the Battle of the Bulge, the 187th Medical Battalion was attached to Support the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment in Ardennes, Belgium from 24 December- 1944 to 9 February 1945.


Battle of the Bulge Website from Belgium. Includes photos and souvenirs.

From: Spearheading with the Third Armored Division: Ardennes Winter Campaign, December 22, 1944 *
From the
Center for Military History
The Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge, by Hugh M. Cole
The 517th is mentioned in:
Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 23 *

From the Fayettville N.C. Observer-Times

"Expected silent night ended with a bang" - The beginnings of the Battle of the Bulge, mentioning Terry Sanford and the 517th

History of the village of Lucerum

History of the village of Lucerum , France, mentions:
"un régiment célèbre,
le 517th PIR ... les libérateurs de Lucéram"

Here is the picture of American soldiers that is referred to in the web site: L'armée Américaine

From Hitler to Trujillo, an autobiography of Alfred Vorshirm, a Belgian who joined the 517th in southern France as an interpreter.

smaller excerpt, just the section describing when Vorshirm was with the 517th.

Belgium Remembers and Honors the U.S. Armies of Liberation
  World War II History of the 2nd Chemical Mortar Bn Southern France - 517th attached *
Florida State University, Institute on World War II and the Human Experience

From Merle McMorrow (Feb 2006):

"The Florida State University is doing precisely what the Veterans History Project is doing i.e. preserving GI history for use by future generations.  He indicated the FSU would be happy to provide a speaker for future reunions at FSU expense if we are interested. He also said he would take any 517th member who lives in his area out to lunch.  He invited me to stop in the next time I am in Florida."  

Dr. William O. Oldson, Director, Institute on World War II and the Human Experience, Department of History, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2200.

  13th Airborne

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